New parts have now been added for the Ford F-Max, the new DAF XG/XF 2022 and the Van Hool city buses.

This year the new DAF XG/XF came on the market. The cabin has been built further forward, so that the cabin space is larger for the driver. By building the cabin forward, this also has consequences for the connection of the VDZ components. The new DAF XG/XF requires longer pins to mount the spreader bar. That is why we now also have the VDZ P34 in our range, which are the longer pins but also thicker to create even more strength.

  • VDZ P34 set new DAF XF / XG 2022

VDZ Hefsystemen has made two different adapters for the Ford F-max, which together form a set. A long pin and a short pin and both have these different threads in the chassis.
We have the possibility to supply the Ford F-max adapters with thread cutters.
These thread cutters are of great importance because one of the adapters is provided with very fine threads, so it is very important that this thread is first cleaned before the adapter is mounted in the chassis.

We can offer you the following;

  • VDZ P14 A
  • VDZ P14 B
  • VDZ P14 A+B set Ford F-max
  • VDZ M50 tap P14 A
  • VDZ M45 tap P14 B
  • A Ford set including the both cutters (taps)

VDZ Hefsystemen also has a new set, the VDZ P09. This set is intended for the city buses of the Van Hool brand.
This set of adapters are only suitable for transporting!
Hoisting on these adapters is not permitted, if this is done it will be entirely at your own risk and VDZ Hefsystemen takes no responsibility.
When mounting the Van Hool adapters, a traverse must also be mounted. The traverse with screw thread model 2 is suitable for this.

We can offer you the following;

  • VDZ P09 set Van Hool adapters
  • VDZ M33 cutter (tap)
  • VDZ Traverse model 2 / model 3*(model 3 is a shorter traverse)

Traverse Model 3 is a shorter spreader bar with threaded the same like model 2. With a 24 parts basic set we have to supply the traverse with pin connection, with an order of a basic set including the new Scania we have the option to supply traverse model 3 as a replacement for the traverse with pin connection.

  • VDZ TRA 03