VDZ active in Japan

VDZ active in Japan, in October 2019 VDZ Hefsystemen was approached by the Jyonan Factory, also a Falkom dealer, to introduce the VDZ system on the Japanese market. Jyonan Factory builds recovery trucks and will in future supply the VDZ system in the recovery trucks as an option for its customers.

In Japan there are various transport companies that work with European brands, including Scania and Volvo. Towing company Joh. Van der Zand from Waardenburg is currently transporting Isuzu trucks for the European market to the Lelystad test track. VDZ Hefsystemen has made various adapters that can be mounted in the chassis of the Isuzu. These adapters were then tested by our company in collaboration with salvage company Joh. Van der Zand. After extensive testing of the Isuzu adapters, the delivery was carried out and Jyonan Factory became a dealer for VDZ in Japan.