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VDZ active in Japan

VDZ active in Japan VDZ active in Japan, in October 2019 VDZ Hefsystemen was approached by the Jyonan Factory, also a Falkom dealer, to introduce the VDZ system on the Japanese market. Jyonan Factory builds recovery trucks and will in future supply the VDZ system in the recovery trucks [...]

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Order components with PDF

You can place your order directly online, or download our PDF below and send it to us. Order online: For online ordering, add the desired components to your digital order list and send it to us online. Order with PDF: Download our PDF to submit your order by email or [...]

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VDZ Systems

VDZ Systems Introduction of VDZ systems. The full VDZ system consists of 24 components designed for all modern trucks. Everything in a single system, for the safe, fast recovery of heavy goods vehicles. Order Parts Our Brochure Want to know more? If so, [...]

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About us

About us In October 1979, Johan van der Zand began working as a self-employed businessman in the Dutch town of Buren. He was based at the industrial estate on Lange Hofstedestraat. The business initially repaired cars, and later offered a recovery service for vehicles in the [...]

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Vang Auto Service

Vang autoservice AS Sandvang 2975 VANG I VALDRES Tel 0047 97523044 tel 0047 61367500 Fax 0047 61367501 mail: arve@vangautoservice.no www.vangautoservice.no

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Schöpfer Autohilfe

Suisse - Schöpfer AG Industriestrasse 21 CH 5036 Oberentfelden Tel.: +41 62 723 08 08 Fax: +41 62 723 08 09 Mail: info@falkom-suisse.ch www.falkom-suisse.ch -Verkauf- Roland Böhringer Mobil + 41 79 940 87 98 Abschlepp- und Bergetechnik Schöpfer AG Industriestrasse 21 CH 5036 Oberentfelden Telefon +41 62 723 08 08 [...]

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Donalds Bilbargning Stenbrovägen 58 25368 Helsingborg Zweden tel: +46 708 420 560 fax: +46 421 603 03 email: info@bilassistans.se site: www.donaldsbilbargning.se

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DAGDA 56 Roetelbachstrasse 40 D 89079 ULM DLD Tel: +49 730 5926 426 Fax: +49 7305 926 433 contact@dagda56.com www.dagda56.com www.dagda56.fr

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Instructions and guidelines

Instructions and guidelines You can download the instructions for VDZ Systems. You can also find the manual, instructional videos and more here. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us without obligation, and we will be happy to help. Download PDF Contact Us [...]

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Our brochures

View Brochure Here you can download the brochure about VDZ Systems, with all the ins and outs, factory details, examples and more. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us, and we will be happy to help. Download PDF Contact Us VDZ [...]

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Ordering components from web store

VDZ Systems Components Easy to use, and you don’t need an account. Simply select the components (or sets) that you need, complete your order list, and send this to info@vdzsystemen.nl When we have received your order, we will contact you to verify and complete your order. Or download our PDF [...]

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Contact details Let's connect with social media or contact us directly. ADDRESS Lange Hofstedestraat 1 4116 EX Buren Netherlands VDZ OFFICE +31 (0)85 0737200 +31(0)6 531 860 14 info@vdzsystemen.nl Contact us Would you like information? If so, contact [...]

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VDZ VDZ Systems and VDZ parts. VDZ is an advanced system designed to accelerate the process of recovering and towing away heavy goods vehicles. About Us VDZ Systems Innovative lifting and recovery system. Made from strong metals, and built on [...]

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VDZ Systems at IBFA Kassel 2018

We want to thank everyone on behalf of our team that was present at the IFBA in Kassel for their presence, attending our practice focused demonstrations, pleasant experiences and sharing stories and experiences The IBFA exhibition in Kassel is enjoying increasing popularity at home and abroad. [...]

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VDZ Systems for France

VDZ was well represented 2 weeks ago at the salvors meeting in Moulin (France) Henk Verstraete our French representative managed to sell various VDZ sets to French colleagues And also gave his colleagues storage demonstrations with the Renault Kerax from Depannage Faurie. If you have questions for France, you [...]

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  • Scania S serie Towing system

Scania S series towing system

VDZ System has developed a special kit for towing the new Scania S series model from 2017. The new range of Scania S series, does not offer the possibility of towing and securing points built into the chassis as was the case on Scania R series. VDZ System has [...]

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