VDZ Hefsystemen B.V. starts a cooperation with V-TAS training centre for training and education in the use of the VDZ System in combination with Code95


V-TAS training centre and VDZ Hefsystemen B.V. start an exclusive cooperation for specific training courses, aimed at the safe and correct use of the VDZ system.

The training programme has been developed by VDZ Hefsystemen B.V. in close co-operation with V-TAS, resulting in a practical training for the use of the VDZ-system in all its various applications. We start with a 1-day training which gives participants 7 Code95 hours.

Why this cooperation?

The answer is simple: to transfer knowledge and skills to others in an effective manner. That is what makes our combination so strong.

For the salvage industry there is now a possibility to follow training for the VDZ system in combination with Code 95, but even more importantly, it can add something to the expertise of salvage operators in their field. In addition, the use of the VDZ system by salvage companies, both nationally and internationally, is becoming increasingly common. To be able to work safely with the VDZ system, its correct use is a very important point and perhaps even more important is specific training.

At V-TAS Training Centre and VDZ Hefsystemen B.V. safety comes first and we have joined forces to provide training for optimal, but above all safe working with the VDZ system. V-TAS Training Centre is specialized in providing safety and professional competence training in the fields of lifting, exceptional transport, salvage and hydraulic engineering.

During this VDZ training course, the various laws and regulations are discussed. We also discuss how to work safely and correctly with the VDZ system. The training consists of both a theoretical and a practical part. At the end of the training, an exam will have to be taken for both. This exam is taken by your instructor and must be passed. The textbook contains all the information you need to know to take the exam. The book is made up of various chapters in order of the work to be done and is written in cooperation with VDZ Hefsystemen B.V.


VDZ Hefsystemen and V-TAS start with the training courses for the VDZ system in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but eventually the goal is to give the courses in other languages as well. The ultimate goal is to expand the training to other countries within Europe.

The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part, where the students can also immediately apply the gained knowledge in their daily work.

About V-Tas

John van Oers, director of V-TAS: “In the 20 years that V-TAS has been active in training professionals in horizontal and vertical transport and salvage, we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise. This makes us ideally placed to advise you on choosing a suitable training course.”

V-TAS’s training courses have a clear added value thanks to their practical nature.


“Our instructors and trainers themselves have extensive experience in salvaging both light and heavy vehicles and therefore understand the situations that drivers encounter daily on the road and during a deployment for a CMV report or a breakdown.

This is the starting point of our training courses. This makes it easier to apply what you learn in practice. This increases efficiency, safety and the quality of the work”.

About VDZ lifting systems

The VDZ system was developed by Johan van der Zand, the founder of the salvage company of the same name and, together with Jasper Wijnschenk and Ruud Erven, further developed the VDZ system. Well before the introduction of the VDZ system Ruud Erven, as a salvage vehicle driver, drove many thousands of kilometres testing the VDZ components.

After heavy testing and improvements the VDZ components were introduced in 2014 at the IFBA salvage exhibition in Kassel and are now used in the heavy salvage industry worldwide.

VDZ Hefsystemen is continuously developing in order to be able to use VDZ components also for the latest trucks. Continuous specific changes and improvements are made to quality, safety and certification. Safety aspects play a major role in this. An important point is the provision of training or education and the annual inspection of VDZ components. From now on this is also possible at VDZ Hefsystemen B.V.

Trucks have undergone enormous changes over the past 20 years, with engine power being greatly increased and the trucks becoming lighter in weight.

With the larger engines, it goes without saying that a lot has changed at the front of the vehicle. Larger radiators and intercoolers, lower vehicles and often fully encapsulated engines have made it increasingly difficult to tow a defective vehicle.

The main purpose of the VDZ system is to safely and quickly recover a stranded vehicle. For example, a truck that is stranded due to a technical problem can be towed loaded* in virtually all situations, which ultimately saves time and promotes the flow of traffic. *Provided all VDZ regulations are met and the prescribed values are not exceeded.

Over the years VDZ Hefsystemen B.V. has given many demonstrations at salvage companies on location, resulting in plans to offer training and education to users of the VDZ system.  VDZ Hefsystemen B.V. has decided to collaborate with V-TAS training centre in compiling a training programme/education with the aim of working safely and handling the VDZ system correctly. The Code 95 training now linked to this is a great advantage, whereby the interest and use will ultimately be an advantage for every VDZ user.

From practice to theory.

In this, both V-TAS and VDZ Hefsystemen use a special starting point.

John: “We work from practice to theory, all our training courses are practice-oriented and are usually given at one of our well-equipped locations and with up-to-date equipment. For example, we have our own vehicles and cranes at our disposal. This motivates course participants enormously, because they notice that they can immediately apply what they have learned in practice. We explicitly link theory to practice, so it becomes clear why you need to know certain things. Awareness also plays an important role. Employees must be aware that they have their own responsibility with regard to the equipment, traffic and cargo they are transporting as well as for the safety and quality of their work.”

Training locations

The courses of V-TAS can be given from 14 locations throughout The Netherlands. In addition, there are 2 locations in Belgium. The training can also be followed at the location of VDZ Hefsystemen in Tiel. Finally, the courses can also be given at the customer’s location.


For more information about our possibilities please contact:

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VDZ Hefsystemen B.V      Telephone no.:   +31 (0)85 0737200
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